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You’ve Taken The First Step!

Good health isn't a race, it's a life-long journey. When you decide to manage your weight and work toward safe and healthy methods of shedding pounds, you have taken that all-important first step.

Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute is a health and nutrition program that sees you through the entire continuum of weight loss care. Regardless of how much you weigh now and how much you need to lose, we can personalize a program to ensure you quality fitness and adjusted eating habits, so the weight stays off. We offer peer support, expert advice from our physicians, and state of the art fitness facilities.

We invite you contact us today to learn more about your options, which include physical fitness therapy, medically supervised weight management, and surgical weight loss for qualified patients.

"Success happens when you realize that you
deserve to put yourself first."

- Sophie G.

Total pounds lost last month: 288.5

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