scale, weight yourself, Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute, bariatric surgery, weight loss, weight loss surgery, lose weight, losing weightOne question that often comes up for people trying to lose weight is whether it helps to step on the scale.

If you don’t want to know how much you weigh, you probably haven’t weighed yourself in a long time. It helps to ask yourself: Why?

Trying to lose weight often feels intimidating.

If you need to lose weight and haven’t been able to do it by yourself – or have lost weight only to gain it back – studies show that a supervised weight-loss program is often your best chance for losing weight successfully.

Consider this, studies have shown mixed results on whether weighing yourself regularly helps you lose weight or keep the pounds off. However, stepping on the scale can help weight loss when it’s done as part of a behavioral weight loss program, one study found. Researchers believe that the scale helps people stay accountable to their eating and exercise goals.

Many people who lived their whole lives with too much weight or have never lost weight permanently may feel like it’s impossible to reach a healthy weight. The truth is that weight loss doesn’t come by taking a magic pill, drinking a special shake or going on a 30-day whole food cleanse. After all, what happens after that 30 days? Most of us know that we end up right back where we started.

To lose weight successfully, it helps to work with a Registered Dietitian who can teach you how to choose the right foods – in the right amounts. Everyone has to exercise, too. If you have a medical problem, such as Type 2 diabetes, it’s important to lose weight under a medically-supervised weight loss program. Fad diets and restricting eating may harm your health if you’re not careful. You have to learn how to make permanent lifestyle changes to your eating and exercise habits to keep the weight from coming back.

Remember, your relationship with the scale can be a healthy one. It can let you know when you’re eating too much or not eating enough. And when you start losing weight, stepping on the scale can give you a healthy reason to smile.




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