Testimonial of Bill DiNicola

Bill DiNicola was known for years as “Big Bill” with the big jokes and big laughs, but inside he felt like a prisoner to his nearly 500 pound frame.  “When you get to a certain weight, and I was 476 pounds, it’s not funny. It’s not like a sketch,” Bill said.

Today, Bill’s doctor’s visit proves he is in the best shape of his adult life. In the last 10 months, Bill is down almost 230 pounds.  He did it without surgery but with the guidance of the Bon Secours Nutrition and Weight Loss program. “It’s the closest you can get to gastric bypass surgery, without having the surgery,” said Dr. Phillip Snider. “What you absorb is what you get when you`re on the program, is about what you would absorb after surgery.”

The program puts people on what’s called a ketogenic very low calorie diet. By low, we’re talking 800 calories per day through pre-packaged New Direction shakes and foods.  Limited amounts of exercise are also encouraged.  The program is covered by most insurance.   In addition to regular doctors’ visits,  the food costs about $100 dollars a week but it is all the food you eat.

Bill started the program on January 7, 2015 after his failure to fit into a 4X softball jersey jolted him to take action. He lost 13.5 pounds in the first week and continues to make record breaking progress. “The quickest of anybody,” said Dr. Snider. “You`re our poster child.”

Testimonial of Mary Cartine

The Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program is the best program I have ever been on – and I have tried them all. The support I received from the entire staff was amazing and made it easy to stick to it. My results were amazing, and I lost weight every week. I went from a size 18 to a size 4 in 6 months. I have lost 86 pounds and have been maintaining successfully since February 2012.

Here’s my favorite story: A man from my church stopped me when I was leaving one day. He said, “What are you doing? You have lost so much weight!” I told him about the program, and he signed up. Now he has lost 60 pounds and is still going strong. I love this program and would recommend it to anyone!

Testimonial of Kenny Holland

I had made excuses for many years about my weight. I had tried so many different diets and weight loss plans that I just didn’t know that there was anything that could help me. Luckily, I found the Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program. On this program I’ve lost 73 pounds and 11.5 inches around my waist.

I have so much energy now. I’m doing things I never did before. Every morning, I jump out of bed and I get on the treadmill. I do 500 sit-ups a day. I know the program works because it helped me when nothing else would.

Testimonial of Pam Bucklew

In May 2008, I decided to lose weight. Later that year in November, I had gastric bypass surgery, drastically changing my life. Before the surgery, I had high blood pressure, acid reflux, knee pain and other ailments. Now I don’t have any of those conditions.

My original weight was 301 pounds and my goal was to lose 140 pounds. I reached my goal and maintained that weight for a year. In 2010, I had a tummy tuck and lost additional weight for a total weight loss of 170 pounds. I used to wear a women’s size 30; now I wear a size 4.

I am a mentor for Tidewater Surgical Weight Loss, supporting both patients who are considering and preparing for gastric bypass and those who have had the surgery. I tell them to succeed in the program, you have to follow the rules and the rules are eat less than three grams of fat, eat less than three grams of sugar, and attend the support group meetings.

Testimonial of Amy Iveson

Just after Thanksgiving, I joined the New Directions non-surgical weight loss program offered by Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute, a very low-calorie high-protein diet consisting of soups, puddings, bars and drinks. Each week in class, I learn about living a healthier lifestyle including exercise, good food choices and eating triggers. While I am still in the reducing stage, these tools will help me maintain my weight loss when I reach the adapting and maintenance phases. My chances of success are greatly enhanced by the dedication of the program physicians, nurses and coordinators. They are supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and are also rooting for my success.

This morning I wore something I have not been able to wear in several years to an important meeting. It felt good to see and feel the rewards of my efforts and commitment! I am on a journey and this time will be different because I am not choosing fat or skinny; I am choosing healthy!

Testimonial of Lori Mitchell

I never realized how my weight was affecting my life and how grumpy I was — not until I had gastric bypass surgery in April 2009. Immediately I begin to see changes. Just three days after surgery, I was able to go for a walk. My eight-year-old son couldn’t wait until the day when I could run with him and now I can. I can also keep up with my five-year-old daughter. In addition, I no longer have to take thyroid medicine and my diabetes vanished. I lost a total of 130 pounds.

Having gastric bypass surgery is the best thing I ever did. For those who are thinking about having the surgery, my advice is don’t wait. It’s not the easy way out, though. You have to do what you are suppose to do.

Testimonial of Pam Phillips

I have always struggled with my weight and in July 2010 I was at my highest weight and had given up. I was always exhausted. I had back pain, knee pain and acid reflux. My cholesterol was high and I was pre-diabetic. I decided to talk with our weight loss team. They were developing a program, New Directions. That month they took me into the program as a test patient. The program is nutritionally balanced and very well medically supervised. I can’t say enough good things about it.

I set my goal to lose 70 pounds and I have lost 60 so far. I was amazed at how quickly the weight came off. I am much healthier now. Recently I was dragging my suitcase, which weighed 50 pounds, through the airport. It was very heavy and hard to manage. My “aha moment” came when I realized that suitcase was how much extra weight I had been carrying on my body before my weight loss.

Testimonial of Susie Stanley

I was a mess! – Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol issues and overweight. I wanted to get healthy and lose weight, but didn’t know how. I did know it was costing me approximately $400 per month for “maintenance meds.” I thought it was ridiculous, and it was time to make a change. Thus the journey began.

October 2013. I remember how excited I was when the first seven pounds came off! That really motivated me to keep going to where I am today.

Blood pressure and cholesterol meds are cut in half, diabetes under control and the weight is gone. Down six sizes, nine inches gone from my waist and weight lost 62 pounds! I’m in maintenance now so the rest of the meds will be reviewed once I pass the maintenance phase.

This program not only changed my life, it can change yours! It’s never too late to get healthy! I’m 53!

Testimonial of Allen Breland

Around January 2012, my health was failing and I was extremely overweight. At the time, I weight 304 pounds and found it very difficult to walk for short distances. I suffered from diabetes, congestive heart failure (extreme fluid retention), shortness of breath and severe back pain. My ailments and poor physical condition required me to take many different types of prescription medicines.

I decided that I need to be come healthier. Six years after losing my wife to cancer and realizing that I wanted to be healthier so that I could enjoy my grandchildren and family, I decided that I would try the Bon Secours program after seeing someone at my church who lost weight and changed her life as a result of the program.

After following the Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss program for nine months, I lost 81 pounds. I no longer take the three diabetes medicines I once needed. I have reduced the need for fluid medication. I do strenuous exercise without back pain, and I walk an average of five miles per day.

I can now keep up with my young grandchildren and I even kept them at my home with me for a full week!

I feel truly blessed to have found this program, and I recommend it highly to anyone willing to make a changed toward a healthier lifestyle. My family thanks me for sticking with the program, and I’ll bet many of your families would do the same for you.

Testimonial of Ellyn Jett

Jett Ellyn - 08182014 015Jett Ellyn 01092014- BeforeI have struggled with excessive weight all of my life. I have tried many types of weight loss programs with mixed success. As I entered my 50s, I wanted to improve my health. I was ready to do whatever it took to return to 145 pounds! I wanted medical supervision, accountability, no surgery and an easy program to follow. The Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss program was the answer!

I love the variety of flavors and products (pudding, soups, shakes and bars)! Six months into the program I have lost 75 pounds and am enjoying more energy, happier feet, new clothes and tons of compliments! At work I went from wearing 3X to medium scrubs!

Thank you Dr. Snider and your awesome team of nutritionists, nurses and coordinators! I know you will help me reach my goal and give me the knowledge and support to stay at my ideal body weight for the rest of my life!

John Blair’s Story

John has lost over 300 pounds, the most of any Weight Loss Institute patient. Hear his story.

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