You’ll lose fat and gain muscle

What does ten pounds mean to you? Is it a shirt that no longer fits? A pair of pants that won’t zip?

If you’re at the point on the scale where you’re looking at the last ten pounds like an annoying house guest that won’t leave, it’s time to tag in the experts at Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute. We’ll help you identify the factors that are keeping you from hitting your goal and connect you with a team of experts that will help you stay motivated. In our experience, those seeking to lose ten pounds are a great match for the nutrition and exercise professionals at Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy Centers.

In Motion and On Track

Our specialized program for weight loss is different from any program in the Hampton Roads area.

  • Group exercise programs give you stability and support
  • Personal trainers stick with you and help you adjust your workouts based on your body and unique lifestyle
  • Nutritionists help you make smart and delicious food choices fuel your body
  • Licensed physical therapists evaluate the way your body responds to exercise and guide you to increased strength
  • Sports performance specialists work with you to help you convert fat to lean, powerful muscle and discover the body of an athlete
  • Massage therapists offer therapeutic and relaxing massages to calm the mind and body

Whether you’re working on those last ten pounds or want to make sure that ten doesn’t turn into twenty, count on Bon Secours In Motion to help you keep your weight under control.

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