Sometimes, the weight gain isn’t as obvious to spot.

You may find as you go through the week little signs indicate that your body requires some improvement. One day you go to slip on your favorite jeans and discover the zipper doesn’t slide over your abdomen as easily as it did a few months ago, or maybe you’ve just walked that flight of stairs to your office and had to stop for air.

For many of us a few pounds here and there add up over a period of changing eating and lifestyle habits:

  • Have you had a baby recently? More than likely you put on as many as 30 pounds in preparation for birth. Unfortunately, for a number of women that “baby weight” can stay on even after the child is in kindergarten!
  • Gone on a cruise, or enjoyed a relaxing vacation and indulged in some culinary delights? It’s nice to have the opportunity to indulge during a holiday, but you risk bringing back more than trip souvenirs. If you get into the habit of overeating at home, you may just pack again…this time in pounds!
  • Quit smoking recently? That’s wonderful! You’ve shown you want to take charge of your health. However, it’s not uncommon for people to trade one habit for another – as you lose your taste for cigarettes, you may have found food has flavor again, and thus you eat more.
  • Maybe you have been fairly active and health conscious until a recent injury sidetracked your progress. Now, with more free time as you recover, you’ve taken solace in eating, and you wonder if you can get back into the game.

The short answer is yes. If you need help reaching your ideal weight, the Weight Loss Institute of Bon Secours is here to help. When it comes to shedding pounds and burning fat, we know that no two bodies are alike – not everybody needs to lose the same amount of weight, and not everybody will react well to the same diet and exercise regimen. For those who are considered overweight but are not candidates for weight loss surgery, or our medically supervised weight loss program, we offer a proven exercise and nutrition based program through our In Motion Physical Therapy Centers to help you get back into your favorite clothes without a struggle!

Bon Secours Nutrition and Exercise Weight Loss Program

Embark on a complete fitness and weight loss regimen designed to create a healthier lifestyle and reshape your body. You’ll work with a team of Athletic Trainers to learn motivation and healthful eating. For post-surgical weight loss patients, we can help you through the remainder of your weight loss journey.

Nutritional Analysis & Evaluation: You are what you eat, so make sure it tastes good and is good for you! You’ll work with a Registered Dietician to tailor meal plans designed to help you reach your goal weight and give you more energy.

Ready to get started? Contact us today by filling out the form on the right or call us at 757-673-5990 to learn more about the Bon Secours weight loss and nutrition programs.

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