Dr. Gregory Adams

Gregory Adams, MD, FACS, performs his surgeries at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk Virginia. Hear him explain the how the continuum of care at Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center offers patients a comprehensive plan, including psychological, nutritional and physical evaluations and counseling, support groups and long-term coordination of care.

Dr. Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett, MD, FACS, is part of our weight loss surgery team at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Listen to Dr. Salzberg review the health benefits of surgical weight loss procedures for bariatric patients.

Dr. Anthony Terracina

Anthony Terracina, MD, FACS, is the Director of Bariatrics at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News. Below, Dr. Terracina talks about how a single weight loss surgery procedure can help a patient overcome a variety of health complications and start living a new, healthier life.

The Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center physicians are world-class, highly trained and ready to help you reach your weight loss goals. With locations in Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Newport News, you’re just steps away from change for the better. When you’re ready to lose it, we’ll be here.

Visit our Surgical Weight Loss website for more information on our program, and how to attend a free weight loss surgery seminar.

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